"A small team, driven by the pursuit of adventure and fun. "
We are committed to delivering the best WhatsApp tool for Shopify stores across the globe, combined with a 5.0 ⭐ support experience to our customers. We work smart, figure out the simplest ways to solve problems, and lead balanced lives as individuals.
SuperLemon is based in Bangalore, India. It is trusted by 37,500+ Shopify stores with nearly 5 Million daily online impressions from internet users globally across the world. With a diverse and inclusive culture, we are a small team. SuperLemon was incepted in 2019 by two startup-hardened friends.

Our goal is to build a better world for small and medium businesses. We want companies to be able to meet their customers where they spend their time the most. With SuperLemon WhatsApp API, brands can send personalised notifications programmatically from their WhatsApp.

Any business can accelerate its customer support via a seamless suite of features SuperLemon offers. Chatbots can automate many of these interactions. Having smarter means of conversations with customers allows companies to spend more time on what they love

USPs or Special Features - Tags that Free-up your Agents and allow them to make Quick Replies!!! Tested, Trusted, and Approved by 37500+ Shopify Owners!

In an ocean of plugins on Shopify store, SuperLemon stands out with the feature of using tags that allows your team handling customer chats to quickly explore the customer's details and provide them personalized responses. This feature frees up your agents and enables them to help more people at the same time

And the 37500+ Shopify owners who installed and use the SuperLemon WhatsApp chat plugin every day prove our prowess very well!
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